Go Home Zebrafish. You're Drunk.

By studying the effects of alcohol on zebrafish, an interesting discovery was made on how social groups interact with individuals under the influence. Specimens were exposed to varying concentrations of ethanol (one zebrafish per concentration). The ethanol-exposed individual was then brought together with a group of untreated subjects. The movements of all the subjects were analyzed. While alone, the drunk zebrafish did not swim as fast as when they were with a group. Likewise, the group of untreated zebrafish were mutually influenced by the presence of the drunk one. With its alcohol emboldened movements, the moderately drunk zebrafish were able to guide the group of sober fish to swim faster with it. However, the severely drunk zebrafish did not have this impact with its more erratic swimming. With its simplicity in design, this study was able to demonstrate the potential to understanding social determinants to alcohol.

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